Supernatural Book Review

One Year Gone

Author: Rebecca Dessertine
Publisher: Titan Books

When asked to review the new supernatural book 'One Year Gone' it was a given and on realising that the book has been penned by none other than creator Erik Kripke's assistant Rebecca Dessrtine I had high hopes from the off. Straight away I felt the difference between her style and the style of the previous authors and could feel that this had been written by someone much closerto the characters.

The story takes place in the year between seasons 5 and 6 of the show. Where Dean thinks Sam is in the pit and has followed his wishes by living an 'apple pie' life with Lisa and Ben. Or at least he's trying to.

Not knowing that Sam and grandpa Samuel are both alive and hunting, Dean hears about a Necronomicon and descovers that if he can find a witch powerful enough to work the spells from within, Sam can be raised from hell. Sam and Samuel follow Dean on his journey, keeping a distance the whole time as Dean ends up in a few tricky situations when the witches find out he's in town resulting in Ben and Lisa being in danger.

The story also gives an interesting insight into the Campbell family history, when Dean discovers an old family journal, and often ventures back to the days of the witch trials which was a big highlight for me in the book. and although the main storyline with Dean, Lisa and Ben is eventful (excluding the ancient pirates which wasn't my favourite part of the book) the way the storyline switches between Dean and Sam's ancestors and present day was definitely a plus point for me.

Overall it's a good story and gives an in-depth look into Deans struggle with losing Sam which fills the gap nicely between the two seasons and, although I enjoyed reading the book, the witches and the look back into Dean and Sam's family history would have made a really great episode.