Supernatural At Comic Con 2010

As you know 'Comic Con' took place this weekend and as usual Supernatural made an appearance with various panels and signings. This page has been made especially for pics, vids and articles from the weekend.


Pic by Warner Bros./Greg Gayne

*All These interviews contain spoilers for season 6.*


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Jensen Ackles Talks Season 6.

The big news was at the end of Season Five of SUPERNATURAL that a Season Six was happening but after the tragic and emotional events of Season Five where does the show go from here?
    Here’s some of the skinny (spoilers ahead):
    Jensen Ackles tells us that they are going back to the Season One formula. Going back to the monster of the week idea.
    “We have hit the reset button on the whole show,” Ackles says.
    Dean is domesticated. He has a normal job in construction, as well as a girlfriend and a kid. He still has the shotgun but it is put away and now drives a pickup truck. The Impala is in the garage.
    Ackles is also directing an episode of the show this season and he says he prepped like no tomorrow. “If I fail it will not because I did not do my homework,” he says.
    Currently, Castiel is not really in the show so much through the first four episodes that have been shot but he’s the big cheese in heaven and so they are not sure how it will alter his character.
    The main crux of the season will be why monsters are acting differently this year. Vampires walking during the day and so on.


Interview Transcripts From The Press Room With Jensen And Jared by Alice Jester  (Contains MAJOR Spoilers!):

Jared Padalecki

Jensen Ackles


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