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Hi my name is Rylee. I am from the UK in a city called nottingham, but spent 6 years in newcastle. Ok....

My favourite Episode had to be Groundhog day when dean kept dieing over and over again. Poor sam having to hear 'Heat of the moment' everytime it happened, poor guy. XD

I also enjoyed the episode where sam and dean get blasted back into TV land, and undergo as Doctors from Dr.Sexy, Play a entertainment show called NutCracker and end up being cops simular to CSI. Oh and also, where Sam gets turned into Kit from Knightrider :) but dont forget about the Genital Herpies Advert that sam does. LOL.

Well those are without further due, introduce yourselfs and tell me your funniest moments. Enjoy! :)

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supernatural assassin
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mine was when sam made the ferry to count salt in the middle of their fight!

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